IP Telephony is basically modernising your phone and fax systems to use your network and the internet, rather than through the traditional phone lines.

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What are the advantages?

An IP Telephony system gives you all of the features and functionality of a traditional on-site phone system, plus the savings, reliability and performance advantages of integrating your data network into your framework. In addition, it reduces the need for expensive equipment or excessive capital expenditure, and removes the requirement for the traditional and costly public telephone line system.

How we can help you

Our team at Insite will assess your requirements and produce the best solution to fit your business, along with a seamless transition and full support, ensuring you get all of the advantages, efficiencies and cost savings, without the fuss.

Business Grade Reliability

As a Telstra Enterprise Partner, our IP Telephony service ensures that your entire team can count on optimal voice quality and reliability at all times. We ensure that we get the best solution to match your business requirements.

Enhanced Functionality

There are many advancements your business will discover when switching to an IP solution, including:
• Easy and intuitive desktop-based control for users
• simple, real-time administration for system managers
• seamless flexibility for mobile and remote users.

One phone system for every location

By having your IP Telephony services delivered as a network-based solution, you can avoid the cost of purchasing and installing a separate phone system for each of your business locations, completely removing the need to manage hassles like on-site equipment , licenses, provider contracts, and so on, which can also lead to significant ongoing savings.

What’s more, if your business has a dedicated Telstra Next IP network, integrating your IP Telephony with your data network can help you optimise your investment by getting the most out of the service.