At Insite, we pride ourselves on both our superior levels of customer service and our professionalism with the implementation of our Information and Communication solutions.

After all, this is the main reason as to why we have such a long-standing and strong relationship with all of our client partners! Our difference comes down to the tangible results and satisfaction our clients receive directly from our services within their businesses.

But don’t take our word for it! Here are some customer success stories they experience when working alongside our Insite team.


Michael Dines – CIO | Goodstart Early Learning

“Insite were initially selected during a period of change within the Goodstart organisation, and demonstrated significant flexibility and understanding as we shifted from an in-house IT Helpdesk service to an outsourced arrangement. We have never required to refer to any of our contracts in a confrontational manor, and Insite has alerted us to arising issues to enable action to be taken before it became an issue.

Not every aspect has gone to plan- particularly when involving a 680-site network upgrade- however Insite has kept us informed and managed the exceptions well.”


David Stewart – Group IT Manager | Transit Australia Group

“I engaged the team at Insite to assist in the largest refresh of company infrastructure in over a decade. The project involved all core business services including messaging solution, Data Network & Wi-Fi, security, communications, network storage and Application migration to Azure. Insite offered a complimentary solution to all our business needs during a time of significant change and allowed the business to resource for rapid growth.”